Friday, January 7, 2011

Campral Knowledge Base.

I am a moderate smoker. I can take it or leave it without much discomfort. I take Campral to help curb my craving to drink. I have noticed that I don't really crave a cigarette as bad since I have been taking the medication. I have a friend who has a very serious smoking problem. I was wondering if Campral would help with her fight her cigarette addiction.Even though I have heard from other people benefiting from campral, I would recommend chantix. I know several people who have been smoking for over 20 years that have quit using it. 

Its a great idea and seems to be helpful. Can anyone shed some light on experience and the efficacy of Campral? CampralĂ‚® (acamprosate calcium) Delayed-Release TabletsHello,, my brother took these, and I'm happy to say he no longer has a drinking problem. I've attached a link that will help you find some answers. I hope this helps, and Good Luck.I have been taking this for a couple months now. I have had diarrhea for the past month and feel really sick. My psychiatrist refuses to return my calls. Can you stop this medicine cold turkey? I went to urgent care and was told that the diarrhea was a side effect of Campral.
  1. Well I don't have diarrhea. I think you should get another psychiatrist and try to find ways you can stop having to take campral. I'm sorry your sick though )=> Hope you get better and if you do please IM me because I want to know thanks sorry if my answer wasn't to helpful I don't mean to scare you but taking it isn't safe. I'll pray for you...I promise. ( :
  2. I looked the drug up on and did some research. because I did not know anything about the drug campral.... I think you should see your family doctor and tell them about this and that your psychiatrist is not returning your phone calls... Pharmacy Tech student.